10+ Best Shopify Themes to Skyrocket Your Sales [Feb – 2023]

So you have decided to create an online store with Shopify. But the challenge is to select the perfect theme that has every feature your store requires to give your customers an exceptional shopping experience.

You must be wondering to get honest suggestions from an experienced person who had teased a lot of themes while building a successful online dropshipping store. 

Our Shopify Developer M Hussain has tested out and then narrowed down the list of Best Shopify Themes that are high converting and perfect for any kind of store. These themes are highly customizable and optimized for SEO and buying experience.

List of Best Shopify Themes for Your Dream Online Store

Let’s explore the most popular Shopify Themes one by one so you can easily determine which one is for you.

1. Wokiee – Best for Conversion

Showing Desktop and Mobile version of Wokiee Shopify Theme

Wokiee is an excellent Shopify theme to pick for any kind of store because it is a multipurpose Shopify theme. Its powerful customization feature makes it the first in this list. Even if you don’t need to have technical knowledge while creating your Shopify store, this theme can help you a lot to customize your online store according to your taste.

The Wokiee theme offers a wide range of features that can help your store stand out from the competition. This theme fully supports Oberlo so you can import hundreds of products in a few clicks.

With 99+ prebuilt homepage layouts, this theme allows you to select anyone that is most relevant to your store niche. This theme offers 8+ layouts for shops and a single product page to choose from. It also offers more than 12 navigation menu layouts including an advanced mega menu to use.

But that’s not all – Quick View, Wishlist, Product comparison, Product variation (color, size, material) swatches with images, Dynamic Checkout button, Sticky add to cart button, Pre-order feature, Reviews block, Support of 3D model, AR, and Video on Product Page, Lookbook Module, Multi-Currency, and Multilingual are the top features of that comes with this theme. 

Wokiee is one of the top-selling and top-rated Shopify themes at the ThemeForest marketplace. With more than 22k sales this theme is the number one theme to start an online business with Shopify. If you want to experience the ultimate in design and functionality for your e-commerce website then this theme is for you.

2. Boom – Best for a Single Product

Boom Shopify Theme - Best for Single Product

All the themes mentioned in this article are multi-products which means they can have more than one product and different categories for multiple products. But what if someone wants to sell only one product using the Shopify platform?  So the Boom theme is the best for a single product store.

Boom Shopify theme is multipurpose but focuses on a single product website. This theme has more than 70+ Homepage templates for different types of single products. 

If you are a startup, app creator, or digital marketer and want to promote only one product through a perfect landing page built in Shopify then this Theme is for you. This theme is Highly responsive and conversion optimized to give the best experience to customers while visiting your store.

3. Kalles – Highest Rated on Themeforest

clear view of the Kalles Shopify theme for mobile and desktop

Kalles is another powerful Shopify theme with 50+ prebuilt homepage templates and demos to choose from. This theme is much cleaner than the previous one (Wookiee). With Kalle’s theme, you can add a store locator page to the store to show your visitors. The latest version of this theme claims to be performance optimized, which is very important for SEO and better user experience.

You can use Kalle’s theme to build Fashion, Furniture, Electronics, Sports, Plant, Handmade products store in no time. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an expert in dropshipping this theme allows you to create a versatile and responsive Shopify store with just a few clicks.

Kalle’s theme is a little bit more costly than the Wokiee theme. Choose this theme only if you want to avoid many customization options and a clean look for your e-commerce store.

4. Corano – Best for Jewelry Store

Visual representation of Corano Shopify theme with mobile and desktop frame

If you are going to sell jewelry products then the Corano Shopify theme is the best choice for you. Because it is specially designed for jewelry products like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and any kind of jewelry item. This is the leading Shopify theme for jewelry stores. 

Corano is the Best Shopify Theme for Jewelry Store. This is the allegiant, low-budget, responsive, and mobile-friendly theme. This theme does not have many features like Wokiee but is enough for the jewelry shop. This theme comes with 8 pre-built templates so you can select any one from them to use.

The Corano Shopify theme is an excellent choice If you want to provide the ultimate online shopping experience for your jewelry customers. Its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and powerful features are sure to help you take your e-commerce business to the next level.

5. Minimog – Ultimate App Experience

Showing Minimog Shopify theme demo in mobile and desktop version

Minimog is also a great theme to choose from the top list. This theme provides the ultimate Solution with exclusive apps and saves lots of money by preventing the use of extra Shopify apps to get additional functionality on the store. 

One of the interesting facts about this theme is that this is the only Shopify theme on the ThemeForest marketplace that allows us to test without buying it. This is just to make sure if you like it then you can pay for that otherwise you can skip it.

Minimog is an SEO and speed-optimized theme for e-commerce stores.

This theme comes with 70+ demos and layouts to choose from and customize things in your own way.

One extra feature that can be a plus point for this theme is its template library. Unlink other themes you don’t need to manually download theme files and install them on your Shopify store. Because its Big Template library gives us a one-click import feature. 

6. Fastor – Best for SEO and Performance

Fastor Shopify theme demo in mobile and browser frame to show the responsiveness

Fastor is a great theme that is specially focused on SEO (search engine optimization. Because SEO is the most important factor for any e-commerce store to rank higher and get potential clients searching for desired products. This can be a great choice if you want to rank your products on google search results. 

This theme is lightweight, super fast loading speed, and provides the best user experience to the customers so they love to visit your store next time.

Fastor has only 9 templates for the homepage of the store. There are some limitations on customization options.

If you use the Fastor theme then you will get some Shopify Apps (Page Speed Booster, Crismits Snowfall Effect, Whatsapp Chat and Share, Terms, and Conditions in Cart and Tiktok Ads pixel installer)  Free of the cast ()by Roarthemes ( Fastor theme creators ). So if you want to keep your store simple and SEO-optimized then go with the Fastor theme.

7. Oreo – Best for Minimal Store 

Oreo - Best for Minimal Store

Oreo is the best minimal Shopify theme on this list. This theme has almost every feature that is required for an ideal e-commerce store. 

The Oreo theme is designed to prioritize minimalism and simplicity, offering a clean and uncluttered shopping experience for visitors.

Oreo theme has more than 20+ prebuilt homepage styles for Fashion, Minimal clothing, and Shoe products. This theme has a unique feature called lookbook-item (adding multiple supplements to a single product with a price tag and offering to select anyone). This is a good feature to increase the conversion rate. 

This Shopify theme is budget-friendly. Yes, if you are a newbie and want to create a Shopify online store with a low budget then this theme is the best choice for you. If you are a fan of minimalism and want your store to have a clean and unique look then Oreo Shopify Theme is the best option for you.

8. New99 – Best for Homemade Products

New99 - Best Shopify Theme for Homemade Products

New99 is the Best theme for home decor and Homemade products. This theme has 9+ Unique and elegant homepage templates that are mainly designed for home decor and homemade products to showcase in your store.

The New99 Shopify theme is a versatile and powerful option for those looking to create a multifunctional web store or marketplace for handmade items. This theme has the finest features like different header and menu styles, product sliders, hero banners, countdown banners, pop-up banners for newsletters, parallax effects, and much more.

If you want to keep your store to be focused on homemade and home decor products then this Shopify theme is perfect for you. One thing that I like more about this theme is its performance. Superb, This is the fastest Shopify theme in this list. This can be a plus point if you are working on the SEO of your E-commerce website.

9. Kate – Best for Pet Store

Kate - Best Shopify Theme for Pet Store

Kate is a Pet Focused Shopify theme that is specifically designed for pet shops, pet food stores, animal shops, pet care services, animal clothing, dog food, pet toys, pet accessories, and all other pet-related products for eCommerce businesses.

Kate is a fully customizable, mobile-friendly theme, you have the freedom to build the best custom pet supplies marketplace using this theme. This theme has its own drag-and-drop page builder and supports the right-to-left layout for Arabic and other languages and much more features.

If you are in the pet industry, then it is highly recommended to use the Kate theme for your pet store. This theme not only is perfect for cats, birds, and fishes, but it also offers an awesome fit for any e-commerce store with amazing user-friendliness.

10. Ella – Best for eCommerce Store

Ella Shopify Theme - Best for Supermarket and eCommerce Store

Ella is also the multipurpose Shopify theme that supports Shopify version 2.0 completely. One thing that is extra in this theme previous one is Multitasking Function. This feature allows the customers to see their recently viewed products while exploring the different products in the store.

In the latest version of Ella, a marquee section (An animated bar displaying dynamic text like news ) is introduced to enhance the conversion rate by showing special offers and coupons available in your store.

Ella theme has a responsive design that is optimized for mobile devices, so your customers will be able to browse your store and make purchases on the go. Choose only this theme if you like its demos that are perfect for your new shop.

Best Shopify Themes – FAQs?

What is the most customizable Shopify theme?

Showing Desktop and Mobile version of Wokiee Shopify Theme

Wokiee is the Highly Customizable Shopify Theme that allows you to change layouts for home and single products, typography, Colors, Navigation menus, and much more.

What is the best Shopify theme for SEO?

Fastor Shopify theme demo in mobile and browser frame to show the responsiveness

Fastor is the Best Shopify Theme for SEO and Batter Ranking on Google with great user experience and loading speed.

Is there any Difference between Shopify Template and Theme?

No! There is no difference between the Shopify template and the Shopify theme. Both are the same.

Final Words – Which One is For You?

As all the themes are described one by one with their best usage case but if you are still confused to select only one because all are the Best Shopify Themes and you don’t know which one is perfect for you. Then go with the Wokiee theme. Because it is excellent for any type of Shopify e-commerce store. As it is a highly customizable, Responsive, and SEO-friendly theme that is satisfying over 22 k+ online store owners.

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