Wokiee Shopify Theme Review – Is it Right for Your Online Store?

Summary: Wokiee is an excellent theme for those looking to create a high-quality online store with minimal hassle. It is highly customizable, easy to use, and has many features and options to help you create a unique and professional online e-commerce store. If you want to design your store in your own way, this is the best customizable theme for you, but if you want a simple and minimalist design for your Shopify Store, then avoid using this theme.

This was the quick answer to the Wokiee Shopify Theme Review.

If you’re considering the Wokiee theme to create Shopify Store, it’s important to thoroughly explore its features and capabilities before making a decision. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a deep dive into every aspect of the Wokiee theme to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your business.

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From design and functionality to performance and usability, we’ll provide an honest and unbiased assessment of this popular theme. By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to use Wokiee for your Shopify store

Wokiee Shopify Theme Review: What Makes it Stand Out?

Wokiee is the most popular Shopify theme due to its elegant design, flexibility, excellent performance, huge customization options, and highest conversion rate. There are a lot of reasons to use the Wokiee theme for your next Shopify store but some of the most crucial is given. After testing, our team of Shopify developers has concluded that Wokiee ranks number 1 as the Best Shopify theme.

1. Wokiee is the Highly Customizable Shopify Theme

The importance of customization cannot be overstated, as it is the key to making an online store stand out in a crowded marketplace. Every online store owner desires a store design that is unique and visually appealing to potential customers. Wokiee understands this need and has built a theme that provides online store owners with unparalleled customization options.

The Wokiee theme’s flexibility is critical to its success. It is highly flexible and allows store owners to change the look and feel of their online stores without any coding skills or hiring a Shopify developer.

For Example: With Wokiee’s user-friendly customization interface, you can easily change the header elements or use any of the 12 prebuilt header layouts and can customize the store and blog layouts (with and without a sidebar).

You can add a Video in the Hero slider, change the color scheme with one click to the entire website, and easily various other elements of their online store.

In Simple words Wokiee users have complete control over the design and layout of their Shopify store, ensuring that their store’s appearance is in line with their unique brand identity.

2. Wokiee Is a Best-Selling Shopify Theme

Wokiee is not just any ordinary Shopify theme; it has achieved the status of being a best-selling Shopify theme. There are several reasons why Wokiee has become a favorite among Shopify store owners.

Firstly, Wokiee has a modern and stylish design that is both eye-catching and functional. Additionally, Wokiee’s clean and intuitive interface makes it easy for customers to navigate your store, resulting in a better user experience and increased sales.

Another reason for Wokiee’s success is its extensive feature set. The theme comes with a wide range of tools and functionality, including multiple homepage layouts, product page options, and checkout customization.

Wokiee is also optimized for performance, ensuring that your store loads quickly and operates smoothly. This is important because a slow website can lead to a higher bounce rate and lost sales. By using Wokiee, you can rest assured that your store is performing at its best.

3. With Wokiee Save $2352 and Say Goodbye to Third-Party Apps

To enhance the functionality of the Shopify store we need some extra apps in the Store. But Wokiee has solved this problem and saved $2352 which is the worth of the apps we need to boost sales and conversion rate.

For Example:

The Metafield Editor app (Costs $14 / per month ) is the best app to Improve the SEO of the Shopify Store. But Wokiee has a prebuilt Metafeild Editor in Its Theme.

Instagram Shop (Costs $15 / per month ) allows us to integrate Instagram posts and ads in the Shopify store. Congrats, This also comes with a Wokiee theme for FREE

Here is the chart table for Premium Apps that come with Wokiee Theme for FREE.

FeaturesShopify App CostWokiee Shopify Theme
Revolution Slider$7/monthFREE
Metafield Editor$14/monthFREE
Fake Notifications$5/monthFREE
Related Products$10/monthFREE
Quick View$4/monthFREE
Sales Popups$4/monthFREE
Special Price Countdown$10/monthFREE
Color, Size, and Material Swatches$15/monthFREE
Sticky “Add to Cart” bar$7/monthFREE
Instagram Shop$15/monthFREE
Size Chart$7/monthFREE
GDPR Compliance$7/monthFREE
Catalog Mode$4/monthFREE
Total$196/month or $2352/yearFREE

4. Wokiee is a 100% Responsive Theme

The most recent statistics show that 81% of all traffic to Shopify stores comes from mobile devices. So you need a theme that should be responsive to all devices ( Desktop, Table, and Mobiles )for the best user experience and conversion rate. 

Wokiee is a 100% responsive theme, which means it is optimized to fit different screen sizes, Wokiee delivers an exceptional user experience across all devices, ensuring your store looks great and is optimized for mobile devices. This is particularly important for e-commerce websites, where users need to complete transactions, add items to their cart, and perform other actions without any glitches.

Not only design but this theme’s functionality is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that all features and elements work seamlessly across different devices. Responsiveness is also important for SEO ( Search Engine Optimizations ) to rank higher on google and other search engines to get organic, potential clients.

Wokiee’s Powerful Features to Unlock the Potential of Your Store

Wokiee theme has tons of features that make it different from the other high-converting Shopify themes. Let’s explore them one by one.

Multiple Headers Layouts

Wokiee theme has 12 different header layouts to choose from and you can easily place the elements ( Logo, Menu, search box, social icons, shopping cart, wishlist icon) anywhere in the header by using its drag and drop header builder. This is the beauty of the wokiee theme.

Mega Menu

Mega menu is also an important feature for an e-commerce store to categorize products in a simple and managed way.

Wokiee theme offers a mega menu feature to help online stores organize their navigation and enhance the shopping experience for their customers. The mega menu is a customizable dropdown menu that can be used to display a wide range of information, including product categories, promotions, and links to other pages on the website.

The mega menu can be easily configured through the Wokiee theme settings. We can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or create a custom menu to suit their unique needs. The menu can be is organized into columns and rows, allowing us to showcase their products and promotions.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

The Wokiee Shopify theme offers multi-currency and multi-language features to help businesses expand their reach and sell to customers all around the world. The multi-currency feature allows customers to view and purchase products in their local currency, making it easier for them to make purchases without having to worry about currency conversion.

Meanwhile, the multi-language feature allows businesses to translate their website into multiple languages, making it easier for customers who may not speak the website’s primary language to navigate and make purchases. These features help businesses tap into new markets and reach a wider audience, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Dynamic Responsive Hero Slider

One of the standout features of the Wokiee theme is its dynamic responsive hero slider, which includes support for video embeds. This feature allows businesses to showcase their products and promotions with an engaging and visually appealing hero slider that adapts to different screen sizes and devices.

This dynamic feature allows businesses to create a more interactive and immersive shopping experience for their customers, ultimately helping to drive conversions and increase revenue.

Prebuilt Layouts

Wokiee offers a range of pre-built layouts to help businesses get started with their online store quickly and easily. These layouts are fully customizable, allowing businesses to tailor their storefront to their unique brand and customer base.

99+ Content Blocks

Wokiee also includes over 99+ content blocks that can be used to create a unique and personalized shopping experience for customers. These blocks cover a wide range of categories, including headers, footers, product listings, and more.

Mobile Optimized Design

The theme is designed to be fully mobile optimized, ensuring that stores load quickly and operate smoothly on all devices. This is crucial for businesses looking to reach a wide audience and maximize their revenue potential.

Top Categories Boxes – Style

The top categories boxes feature allows the highlighting of the most popular products and products in a visually appealing way. This can help increase engagement and guide customers toward the products they are most likely to be interested in.

Product LookBook – Best for Cross Sales

The LookBook feature typically consists of a collection of photos or images, which are organized in a way that shows off different products or product lines. The images can be accompanied by text, which describes the products or offers styling tips, and can also include links to the specific product pages on the store.

Wokiee’s Product LookBook feature allows businesses to showcase their products in a visually appealing and interactive way. This feature can help increase engagement and encourage customers to explore and buy more products.

Quick View

The Quick View feature enables customers to view product details without leaving the current page. This streamlines the shopping experience and can help reduce bounce rates.

Quick Add to Wishlist

Customers can quickly and easily add products to their wishlist, allowing them to keep track of items they may want to purchase later. This can help increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

Quick Add to Compare

The Quick Add to Compare feature enables customers to compare multiple products side by side, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. This can improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Scarcity Countdown Timer

Wokiee’s Scarcity Countdown Timer feature allows businesses to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to make a purchase. This is done by displaying a countdown timer for limited-time offers or products. This can help increase sales and revenue, particularly for businesses that offer flash sales or time-limited promotions.

Advanced Product Filtering – On Shope Page

The Advanced Product Filtering feature in the Wokiee Theme allows store owners to improve their customer’s shopping experience by making it easy to find products based on specific criteria such as price, size, color, and more. This feature allows customers to quickly narrow down their product options, making it more likely they will find what they’re looking for and make a purchase.


With the Light-Box feature, customers can easily view all of the product photos in one click without having to navigate opening multiple images. This feature improves the overall user experience and can lead to increased engagement and sales.

Product Variations with Dynamic Photos

This feature allows customers to see product variations with dynamic photos, making it easier to visualize the different options available. It also allows store owners to showcase the different options available for a specific product, making it more likely that customers will find what they’re looking for and make a purchase.

Ask About This Product

The Ask About This Product feature allows customers to send a message to the store owner or support team to ask a question or get more information about a specific product. This feature improves customer engagement and can lead to increased sales by providing a more personalized shopping experience.

Product Page Additional Sections

This feature allows store owners to add additional sections to their product pages, such as videos, images, or other content. This feature can improve the overall user experience and increase engagement, as well as provide additional information and context for the product.

Size Guide & Shipping Pop-Up

The Size Guide & Shipping Pop-Up feature provides customers with information on product sizing and shipping options, making it easier for them to make an informed purchase decision. This feature can also help reduce customer inquiries and returns related to sizing and shipping issues.

Buy-it-Now Button

The “Buy-It-Now” button is a feature that enables customers to add a product to their shopping cart and complete a purchase without being redirected to a new page. This feature provides a seamless shopping experience that can increase customer engagement, and consequently lead to an improvement in sales.

By simplifying the purchasing process, customers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart, which can result in increased sales. Overall, the “Buy-It-Now” button feature has the potential to enhance the shopping experience for customers and ultimately improve sales figures for online businesses.

Product Description

The Product Description feature allows store owners to add a detailed description of the product on the right side of the product page. This feature can improve the overall user experience and provide additional context and information about the product.

Customer Recent Reviews

The Customer Recent Reviews feature allows customers to view recent reviews from other customers who have purchased the same product. This feature can improve customer trust and confidence in the product, as well as increase engagement and sales by providing social proof.

Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons are an essential feature of the Wokiee Shopify theme. With this feature, customers can easily share products they love on their social media channels. This feature provides an excellent opportunity to improve their brand awareness and drive more traffic to their site.

Product Video

Adding videos to your product pages is an excellent way to showcase your products in action. With the product video feature in the Wokiee theme, businesses can add videos that demonstrate their product’s features and benefits. This feature can help improve customer engagement, enhance the shopping experience, and ultimately increase sales.

The related products slider is a useful feature that displays relevant products to customers on the product page. This feature helps store owners to cross-sell and upsell products by showcasing related items that complement the product the customer is viewing.

Upsell & Cross-Sell features

The upsell and cross-sell feature is a powerful tool for increasing sales. With this feature, you can suggest products that customers may be interested in, either as an upsell (a higher-end version of the product) or a cross-sell (a related product). By suggesting additional products, businesses can increase their average order value and drive more sales.

Quick View & Quick ATC

The quick view and quick ATC (add to cart) features provide a faster and more streamlined shopping experience for customers. These features allow customers to quickly view product details and add items to their cart without having to leave the page they’re currently on.

Sticky ATC Button

The sticky ATC button is a feature that keeps the “Add to Cart” button in a fixed position on the screen, no matter where the customer scrolls. This feature makes it easy for customers to add products to their cart at any point in their browsing journey, improving the chances of a purchase.

Sliding Cart

A sliding cart feature is a convenient tool for customers to view their cart without leaving the page they’re on. This feature allows customers to see what they have in their cart, adjust quantities, and continue shopping without any interruption.

Preload Cart – New Feature

The Preload Cart feature is a new addition to the Wokiee Shopify theme. This feature enables the site to preload a customer’s cart in the background, ensuring that the customer’s cart is ready and waiting for them when they’re ready to check out. This feature can help reduce checkout times and provide a more seamless shopping experience for customers.

The email list signup form and brand social links are essential tools for businesses to build their customer base and improve brand awareness. With these features, you can easily capture customer email addresses and allow customers to follow them on social media.

Phone Number in Top Banner – To Maximize Customer Reach

Placing a phone number in the top banner of a website is an excellent way to maximize customer reach. This feature makes it easy for customers to contact the business directly, enhancing the customer experience and building trust with the brand.

Ajax Predictable Search with Images

Ajax Predictive Search with Images is a feature that provides customers with a more visual search experience. With this feature, customers can view product images as they type in their search query, providing a picture-perfect search experience. This feature can help enhance the user experience and improve customer engagement.

Compatible with Third-Party Apps

Although Wokiee has ultimate built-in features that replace third-party apps. Still, the Wokiee theme is compatible with a wide range of third-party apps, which can help you add extra functionality to your online store. However, it is important to ensure that any apps you install are compatible with the Wokiee theme and do not conflict with its features.

Wokiee Theme Requirements

To use the Wokiee theme, there are some requirements that must be met.

Shopify Account

The Wokiee theme is designed specifically for the Shopify platform, so the first requirement is to have a Shopify account. If you don’t have one, you will need to create an account on the Shopify website and choose a pricing plan that suits your needs.

Basic knowledge of Shopify

While the Wokiee theme is easy to use and customize, it is important to have a basic knowledge of the Shopify platform. This includes understanding how to add products, collections, and pages, how to manage orders, and how to use Shopify’s built-in features.

Installation, and setup

The Wokiee theme is a third-party theme, which means that it is not created by Shopify. To use the theme, you will need to purchase it from the developer’s website and install it on your Shopify store. The theme comes with detailed instructions on how to install and set it up.

Shopify Wokiee Theme Updates:

Wokiee is committed to providing online store owners with the best solution and seamless experience. To achieve this goal, Wokiee regularly releases updates and notifies users to update the entire theme with just one click. These updates can be installed without disrupting the design and functionality of the running store, ensuring that users can benefit from the latest features and improvements while maintaining their stores.

Shopify Wokiee Theme Templates, Skins, and Layouts

Wokiee theme is also a winner by providing tons of prebuilt theme templates, Skins, and layouts to choose from and set up with just a few clicks to anyone according to the niche. Wokiee comes with 84+ premade e-commerce store designs in different niches (  FASHION, HEALTH, FLOWERS, FOOD & DRINKS  PETS ), and not only that but also great for single product Shopify themes.

Here is a Few examples:

Shopify Wokiee Theme Demo – How it Looks Like

Before making a purchase, you may want to preview a demo store to see how the Wokiee theme looks and functions in action. To do this, simply visit the Wokiee sales page and browse the available skins and layouts.

Once you have found a layout that interests you, simply click on it to launch a demo store in a new tab. This allows you to explore the specific Wokiee theme skin and get a feel for its design and functionality before making a purchase.

By providing access to demo stores, Wokiee empowers potential customers to make informed decisions and choose the best theme for their online store. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern design or a classic and timeless layout, Wokiee has a range of skins and layouts to suit your needs.

Mobile Version of Wokiee Theme Demo 

Before choosing a Shopify theme is very important to check the mobile version of that theme to make sure it works perfectly on mobile and gives the best user experience and performance of the Shopify store.

Here are some screenshots of how an e-commerce store using wokiee looks on mobiles.

What Kind of Stores Can be Built With Wokiee Shopify Theme?

Fashion Store – Wokiee’s sleek and modern design makes it perfect for showcasing clothing and accessories.

Sports Store – Wokiee’s customizable layout options and product filters make it a great choice for online stores selling sports equipment and apparel, including American football, baseball, and basketball.

Food & Drink Store – With its wide range of design options, Wokiee is ideal for food and drink stores, such as those offering olives, beers, coffee, tea, and eco food.

Furniture Store – Wokiee’s versatile design and customization options make it an excellent choice for furniture and home goods stores.

Handmade Store – Wokiee’s customizable product pages and unique design options make it perfect for online stores featuring handmade products.

Technology Store – Wokiee’s clean and modern design is well-suited for electronics and phone cases, and it also works well for stores selling bikes, drones, and snowboards.

Jewelry Store – With its extensive customization options, Wokiee is a great choice for jewelry stores, allowing for stunning product displays and easy browsing for customers.

Cosmetics Store – Wokiee’s unique design and layout options make it perfect for stores selling makeup and skincare products.

Toys Store – Wokiee’s customizable product pages and interactive product display options make it a great choice for stores selling kids’ toys.

Tattoo Studio – Wokiee’s edgy and modern design makes it perfect for tattoo studios looking for a unique and customizable website.

The list is limitless yes you can build any kind of store using the Wokiee theme on Shopify.

Wokiee Theme Documentation

Wokiee theme documentation is a comprehensive and detailed guide that helps users get the most out of the theme’s features and capabilities. It covers everything from installation and setup to customizing the design and functionality of the store.

The documentation is written in a clear and easy-to-understand language, making it accessible to users of all levels, from beginners to experienced developers. It includes step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and videos to guide users through the various processes.

Wokiee theme documentation also provides useful tips and best practices to help users optimize their online stores for maximum performance and conversions. Additionally, users can find answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for common issues.

Wokiee Theme Tutorial

Wokiee Theme provides tutorials and helpful resources for users who want to learn how to use the theme effectively. The written and video tutorials provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, and customize the theme to create a professional-looking online store.

The Wokiee team covers a wide range of topics, including theme installation, configuration, creating pages, customizing the homepage, setting up the menu, and more. Each topic is explained in a clear manner, with screenshots and videos to guide users through the process.

In addition to the basics, Wokiee Theme Tutorial also covers more advanced topics such as creating custom sections, adding custom code, and optimizing the theme for performance and search engine optimization (SEO).

Real Examples of Shopify Stores Using the Wokiee Theme

Here are some great and real-world examples of the best stores that are using the Wokiee Shopify theme for the last many years.

  1. Custom Art for Pet – https://stellarvilla.com/
  2. LOBOCKI – https://lobocki.com.au/
  3. Space Master – https://spacemaster.co/

Recent Reviews of Real Wokiee Users

Here are some real reviews of the store owner using the Wokiee theme.

For Features Availability

I purchased Wokiee because i wanted to build an online store and have some element of future proofing – i’m new to all this and i thought by the time i even begin to understand what i doing and trying to achieve, a bigger, faster, better template would have been produced.

However, the functionality, feature availability, flexibility, ease of use, occasional questions to Support, Support Documentation and all of the editing options and adjustments i find fantastic !!

With a little trial and error and perseverance, i’m actually really starting to understand whats going on and how to use all the tools and editing options that are available within Wokiee – i’ve even got a fully functional e-store (still editing, not quite finished so not gone live yet) that works – very well !! and it looks great too . . . Genuinely from a complete beginner i almost have a store that looks like a professional made it !

Everything that i wanted to do i have all but achieved and i’m impressed with Wokiee and so very pleased that i purchased a P-Themes template.

As for the future proofing, with the Wokiee and Shopify Support Documentation and occasional questions to Support, I have been able to learn faster and achieve my goals faster than i first thought – and this Wokiee Theme is still one of the best themes you can buy.



For Customer Support

The theme is user friendly and instructions are clear. In case of support requirement they are helping a lot and response very quickly.

We are using Wokiee theme all of our 3 websites.

Strongly recommended.


For Design Quality 

This theme is amazing. It is easy to use and super flexible. You have unlimited possibilities to make this theme adapt to your brand.


Wokiee Theme Price

The real price of the wokiee theme is $79 with 6 months of support and lifetime updates. If you want to extend the support for the next 12 months you have to pay $24 extra (it’s up to you ).

Wokiee Shopify theme Free Download

 It’s important to note that Wokiee Shopify Theme is not available for free download. Any website offering the theme for free is likely offering a pirated and outdated version without any support. Downloading and using such versions could potentially compromise the security and stability of your online store, resulting in lost customers and revenue.

It’s important to invest in the official version of the Wokiee Shopify Theme to ensure your online store operates smoothly and securely. The official version of the theme comes with regular updates and professional support to help you resolve any issues that may arise.

Remember, investing in a high-quality theme is a worthwhile investment in the long-term success of your online store. Avoid the risks associated with pirated and outdated versions of the Wokiee Shopify Theme by purchasing the official version directly from the theme’s website.

Wokiee Theme Pros and Cons

However, there are some potential benefits and some drawbacks to using the Wokiee Shopify theme, including

Reason to Use

  • Wokiee theme offers a high degree of customizability that makes it adaptable to fit your brand and industry needs.
  • The theme provides many pre-built layouts and skins, which saves time and effort in creating your online store.
  • Wokiee theme comes at a good price point, making it accessible to budget-conscious store owners.
  • The theme includes many useful features that can help increase revenue for your business.
  • It provides excellent value for money as compared to other premium Shopify themes.
  • The theme has received numerous positive reviews from real users.
  • The Wokiee theme is one of the best-selling Shopify themes on ThemeForest.

Reasons to Avoid 

  • Limited support: While the theme does come with six months of support, after that time, you’ll need to pay for additional support.
  • Image Licensing: When you purchase the theme, the layouts come without licensed images, which may require additional time and effort to source.
  • Missing features: The theme may lack certain features, such as location maps, which could be essential for local businesses.
  • No free plan: Unlike some other Shopify themes, Wokiee does not offer a free plan, which may be a deterrent for those on a tight budget.
  • No money-back guarantee: The theme does not provide a money-back guarantee, so you’ll need to be sure it’s the right choice for your business before making the purchase.

Wokiee Theme Support

The dedicated support team is available to help with any questions or issues that arise with the theme, including installation, customization, and updates.

However, it is essential to note that the support period only lasts for six months from the date of purchase. After this period, customers may need to purchase additional support to continue receiving assistance from the Wokiee Theme support team.

The Wokiee Theme support team can be reached through their support portal, where customers can submit a support ticket detailing their issues. The team strives to provide a prompt response and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Wokiee Theme has an active community of users and developers who share their experiences and provide helpful tips and solutions to common issues. The community is a valuable resource for customers looking to maximize the potential of their Wokiee Theme-powered store.

Conclusion – Is the Wokiee Theme Worth it?

The Wokiee theme is a fantastic option for Shopify stores. The only drawback is theme’s support is limited to six months, and after that, you’ll need to pay for additional support. (mostly don’t need)

If you’re looking for a theme with high customizability and many useful features that can increase your revenue, the Wokiee Shopify theme is a great choice.

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